The Big Bike Revival

Ride on Cycling for All are pleased to announce that we are a partner provider for the Big Bike Revival in Exeter .

We are keen to support this worthwhile project and have loads of activities planned to help people to get riding their bikes more often.


This event has been created owing to the fact that adults in Britain appear to be aware of cycling and it’s potential for shorter journeys and a proportion have bikes but are at present not making use of them.  Some key facts are:

  • There is a high volume of Cycle Ownership (42%)
  • But there are low levels of cycle usage (63% of people with bicycles have not cycled in the past year)
  • And people are using the car for short trips that could be made by cycle (37% of adults)

Here are a just some of the events that Ride On is offering during the Big Bike Revival fortnight.

  • Guided Rides – supported rides managed by trained staff will be available for all ages and abilities.
  • Learn how to service your own bike (whole day course) taught by a CYTECH qualified mechanic.
  • Doctor Bike events – this is a great opportunity to get a free health check for your bike. We will check and adjust your bike and give advice to help you ensure that your bike is safe to ride.
  • Bike kitchen: bring your bike and work on it free of charge and have access to all our specialist bike tools and some expert advice too.

To find out more about the Big Bike Revival project visit the website.