Ride On Successes

A key part of Ride-On’s mission is to support our local community. We believe that the benefits of cycling are immense for improving health, experiencing the outdoors and for building communities.

We are a Registered Charity No.1174055

spectrum housing
Community Project supporting Spectrum Housing, Exeter

Ride On Success Stories –
a quick selection

Ride On – Cycling For All gets more people riding more bikes more often.
It improves the health, welfare and mental well-being of local people by way of social inclusion, education and interaction in the local community.


1 young 17 year old volunteer (Toby) became the first APPRENTICE to be enrolled on the National Apprenticeship Scheme in 2015, he was also the first employee at Ride On. Toby has passed his cytech 2
making him a qualified mechanic at 18. He is now a full time mechanic at 20.

Ride On is run by passionate volunteers
23 volunteers have donated a TOTAL OF 4410 hours in the past twelve months!

3 volunteers have moved into full-time work
as a direct result of being at Ride On – Cycling For All

Ride on has been donated over 2600 bikes in the time we have been running.

3, soon to be 4, young volunteers have completed their Duke Of Edinburgh service awards with us and two are currently working towards their gold level awards

Together they recycled over 1200 bikes back to the community

A big thank you to the Teignbridge trotters for raising over £500 for us.
full story is on our Facebook pagetrotters

Unfortunately last summer our Ride On tablet was stolen from the workshop in a busy rush hour Saturday. Toby set up a just giving page, and within a few weeks we had raised the money, got a new tablet, and all the safety equipment to keep it on the bench.

We have been lucky enough to work along side other projects such as ‘active mums’
lending them the new, fully serviced bikes and trailers.

Ride On loaned over 400 bikes to primary school children to enable them to complete the free Bikeability course in school – none of these children owned their own bike and would have missed the opportunity.

Here are a few quotes from parents, carers and staff;

Thomas Markham – stopped riding as bike too small, swapped his small bike for a Ride On bike, completed Bikeability and mother, Joan, and father ALSO returned to cycling to keep son engaged.
Joan Said “This is such a godsend! We could’nt afford a new bike for Thomas as he is growing so quickly so we dontated his old bike which is in very good condition and Martyn produces this amazing almost new bike for Thomas, he did the Bikeability course and now we cant let a weekend go by without all three of us getting on our bikes and riding new cycle paths and tracks!”

Brad Breslan, Sol McClean, Chloe Maddox, Tiffany Hutchinson – stopped riding as bikes too small or parent not willing to repair existing bike. All four children completed Bikeability at Mill Lane Teignmouth and took home a Ride On bike to continue cycling.
Headmaster Mr David Williams said “This has been a great way to enagage both the child and the parent in discussion about their childs safety, route to school, health, nutrition and education. These kids are from hard backgrounds and to see them light up when they ride those bikes is really great.
Without Ride On bikes I doubt that any of those four would have a chance to ride a bike”

Gail Henwood, Exeter Adoption Agency, two Ride On bikes allowed two boys to start riding again with their new family unit.
Gail said “ Its just so fantastic that we can go to Ride On and get these amazing bikes for our children and the carer or foster parent knows it is safe. These kids don’t get much but having a bike gives them so much freedom. What Martyn is doing is amazing”

Alan Clarke, local postmaster, daughter could not ride a bike. Ride On provided bike, helmet and instruction and got her riding in time for summer holidays.
Alan said “Its made such a difference to her confidence in the past month that I cant believe we have not taught her earlier. Martyn and Ride On are doing a fantastic job and I am making sure all my customers know what he is doing for our local community”

Thomas Bakewell purchased a mtb from Ride On for himself and treated his partner to a ladies mtb so she could join him at Haldon Woods.
Thomas said “ I heard about the Ride On charity through Cycle Devon and thought what a great idea. It means I can get riding off road again, but more importantly, my partner can come and join me now as she has cycled since she was a child!”

Charlie Mort saw Ride On in the local press, contacted them and purchased a bike to ride to work with his father.
Charlie said “my old bike was so worn out and I could not afford a new one so I am so made up to have this great bike from Ride On because it allows me to work with my dad and pay him back for my bike. It means I can now ride to see my mates which is cheaper than the bus so I save more money and don’t have to wait at a bus stop which is so uncool”

Over 200 donated bikes were stripped and the reclaimed parts recycled to be offered to the local community at very low cost to help keep their bikes on the road

SONY DSC32 children completed after school bike clubs – 8 children benefitted from a donated Ride On bike, they would not have had chance to join their bike club otherwise

Adults of all ages taught to ride for the first time with Ride On bikes.

In conjunction with Exeter City Football In The Community charity, we were able to provide a family with some Christmas cheer, bicycles and training. “A child who misses out on access to a safe bike misses out on a right of passage as a child and it’s hard to believe in the 21st century we have that situation here in Exeter,” commented Martyn Laxton (CEO). “I am delighted that the Raynor family are going into the New Year looking forward to their freedom provided by Ride-On and the cycle route network around Exeter”

Cycle safety, basic maintenance and route planning delivered to 37 young people at Westexe & Isca colleges with Ride On bikes donated on a loan and return basis

Free Dr Bike sessions – bike safety checks – were completed on 121 bikes driving repair
business into local cycle shops and keeping local cyclists on the road

9 Bikes donated to local schools and a sports club to keep their bike clubs active

Over 2500 people are now riding in and around Exeter as a result of work done by the amazing team of people here at Ride On

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