Meet the team


I was working as a Bikeability Instructor with the Cycle Exeter team when I met Martyn. When he realised I had been a bike mechanic previously, he asked me to help out in “The Goldfish bowl” in Teignmouth.dsc_3534

I am enthusiastic about Ride-On because it means that I get to play with bikes all day. I love seeing people’s faces as they ride on their new bikes.

The main thing that keeps me coming back is that I keep leaving my bikes behind. My role in Ride On is “Workshop Everything-er”. I also wash bottles and occasionally make tea. My aspiration for Ride On is that I want us to be indispensable to Exeter’s cycling culture.

And if I were a bike? I would be one with unusual handlebars and off beat engineering.


As founder of Ride On a was shocked to think that there were children in the 21st century who did not have access to a road-worthy bicycle. I strongly believe that a child without a bike misses out on a massive part of a traditional childhood.martyyn.jpg

What keeps me coming back to Ride On is the huge satisfaction I gain each time we get together with our amazing team of volunteers. It gives me a great lift to see these friendly, experienced, generous and talented people, who give as much as I do because they are committed to our vision.

I believe my role as CEO, [Chief Enjoyment Officer – Ed] is to hold true to getting more people on more bikes more often.

My aspiration for Ride On is to develop our organisation in such a way that any of our volunteers have the opportunity to grow with the organisation, to have fun and as part of their journey, pick up new experiences, skills and qualifications.

I would be a vintage bike always making funny noises whenever I move.



Zane is the handy man around the work shop.
if you have seen the new counter, you will have noticed his handy work.

Zane is a man of may talents, from wood sculpting to building bikes.







I first found out about Ride On as a result of spotting an article in t

he CTC magazine. After I talked to Graham I decided to get involved.


I’m enthusiastic about Ride On because I am a keen cyclist and love to see more people, experiencing the different riding opportunities cycling offers everyone. I am also passionate about recycling our scarce resources by saving bikes from the skip and refurbishing them.

I keep coming back because of fear of retribution from Martyn [unlikely – Ed] and more importantly because of the tea and cake!

My role in Ride On is as a spanner- waggler [experienced mechanic – Ed], provide ideas and suggestions as well as a general dogsbody.

What I want for Ride On is for it to grow into a cycling community with support for everyone who wants to cycle and explore the area and create new two wheeled adventures.

If I were a bike I would like to be a unitricycle, just because…


I originally heard about Ride On through Matt. I came along when he volunteered and before I knew it I was a volunteer myself.

I think that what makes me enthusiastic about Ride On is that I am part of a community that is dedicated to helping people to learn to ride and gain confidence.

The thing that keeps me coming back is the difference we can make to people’s self confidence and quality of life through helping them to experience the freedom and excitement that cycling brings.

My roles in Ride On include helping people choose and buy the right bike for them. In addition, I take part in the selection of new volunteers.

My ambition for Ride On is that I would like it to grow and grow and help the whole cyclist: training, maintenance and riding. And I would like to see Ride On become a community with lots of opportunities for anyone you enjoys cycling.

If I were a bike I would be a hybrid: they are always a good all rounder and reliable.


I joined the Ride On team in 2014. I have always enjoyed leisure cycling since I had my first (second hand ) tricycle at age 4.

Nic in purple

I was delighted when Martyn asked me to join the team as a volunteer. I previously worked with Martyn on a project to provide cycling skills to younger children under a “bike Club”.

In addition to getting my hands dirty helping out in the workshop, I am helping promote Ride On to a wider audience  and help to support the organisation as it continues to offer more services to the local community.

Why I enjoy volunteering for Ride On is that for me my bike was my first true taste of freedom, independence and adventure. I passionately believe that this is something that anyone can benefit – young and old.

My wish is that we can raise money to turn one of our rooms into a cycling coffee bar for any of our Ride On friends to socialise.

If I were I bike I would be a tricross because they are quick but they can go off-road when required.


A family member showed me an article in a newspaper, knowing that I love bikes. After volunteering for several months, Ride On helped me through an apprenticeship, now i am a fully qualified mechanic working with my passion (Bikes obviously.)

I am enthusiastic about Ride On because it is a place that wants to help people to love bikes.
Raising money to help support community projects is a brilliant idea and why Ride On is so special.

What keeps me coming back is how friendly and supportive the lovely people are at Ride On, making my time here very enjoyable.

If I were a bike I would be something with a lot of travel, taking out most of the bumps but most importantly, getting caked in mud.


I am a professional National Standard Cycling Instructor, Sustainable Travel Advisor and recently qualified (but still learning…a lot!) bike mechanic. I have been involved from the very beginning with Martyn to create and build a vibrant community bike project in Exeter. I am enthusiastic about Ride On because I believe strongly in the benefits of cycling for all. I am also a supporter of environmental issues: recycling and the use of more sustainable transport.graham

I currently lead on the Inclusive Cycling project, Wheels for All Exeter, which offers people with disabilities or differing needs access to adapted bikes. I also provide project support for cycle training, leading guided rides, maintenance and building partnerships with other cycling groups.

My aspiration for Ride On is that it becomes the first name that people mention when they are asked about cycling in Exeter.

And what bike would I be and why?: The one bike of my imagination hasn’t been made yet……….I’m still looking!

We are a Registered Charity No.1174055


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