Get a QUick Access reFreshment Function (QUAFF) with a free RideOn mug!



There’s a FREE RideOn mug for everyone who attends the January or February Bike Maintenance Class! We’ll even fill it with a beverage of your choice. One lump or two?

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About Vicky Jocher

Haecceitas Decades ago I became fascinated when I saw paint on old window and door frames split into exploding colours. The process of weathering revealed a new entity, that of slivers of colour reacting to each other. This makes my heart beat faster. The very process of applying paint is to create a new picture. Paint is colour. As I apply colours, a new entity – the picture itself – is created. There is a point at which it springs to life and it resonates with its own being-ness. Between life and death there is a thinness. With art you start with an idea which holds a potential, it goes through a similar layer of thinness and the thing is made, the juxtapositions of colour become a life. And this exploration fuels my fascination. When I teach workshops, I see people go through the process of being apprehensive and excited at the same time. There is a palpable moment when their artwork becomes what they hoped for, and that moment is fascinating.

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